Need a different perspective on your build? Find yourself lost in the wilderness after a long adventure? Whatever the reason, our live maps are here to help! Offering both a birds-eye-view and 3-dimentinal insight into the Wolfcraft World, you can be sure to always find your way back home!


Accessing the Live Maps:

Our Live maps can be accessed only on their own full screen versions. To access the full screen version, scroll down to the Live Map Section Server Map you want to view and click on .

Navigating the Map:

Our live maps have server features that to give our players the most amount of information possible. Here how to use it,

  • To zoom into or out of the map, you can use the and icons, scroll up and down on your trackpad/mouse, or pinch in and out on touch screen devices.
  • To move on the map, simple click, hold and drag in the opposite direction you want to move (For Example: If you want to move to the right, drag to the left).
  • The red box highlights the current map border for the world.

  • Accessing Map Menu:
    The Player menu holds the options to change viewing perspectives and the list of players online on the server at the time. Here is how to open and use the menu:

  • To open the map menu, hover over the arrow found on the right border of the map. (On touch devices you have to select the arrow).

  • The map's perspective selection can be found on the top portion of the menu. This is split into sections dictating the Overwold, Nether and End worlds. Here is what each of the symbols mean:

  • This symbol indicates the top down view and is common for all three dimensions.
  • Represent the 3-dimentional views for the Overworld, Nether and End dimensions resepectivly.
  • Represents the underground cave view for the Overworld.

  • The map menu also allows you to quickly snap to the specific players on the map. To do this, simply click on the players in-game-name from the list of players online. Grayed out player names indicate the player is not present in that dimention.


    "Parts of my map are black! Is my computer broken?"
    Black sections simply indicate unexplored areas onthe map. You can expect the area located outside the red box to be black as they are beyond the world border.

    This map is way too small! Will it every get bigger?
    Map sizes are set to increase throughout the duration of a season. For more information regarding map expansions contact our staff members.