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When it comes to finding a good SMP server to play on, it took me many countless hours of simply searching for one where the players were nice and admins were humble.

When I first found WolfCraft, it was through an apparent Reddit post. Upon discovering their website, I was amazed by the incredible builds and how long it had been up.

And that was just the beginning. At first, I thought the server would be just like simply playing with many random people who treated each other like strangers. On the day I joined along with a few new other mates, we talked to each other a bit but still unsure about this new discovery.

However, one thing I didn't realize the server often doesn't seem to take enough credit of is their wonderous community. If i had to make a comparison, it would be like being a well-known member on HermitCraft.

While that was one of the main reasons I decided to stay, there were even more that makes WolfCraft stunning. Players follow the rules and guidelines. I have yet to be griefed and not a day has gone by where I didn't enjoy playing on the server.

As for someone who isn't a dedicated gamer, I really have to say, WolfCraft is its own unique and wonderful experience. And if you are someone who has been searching around for that perfect server, then I, Vilanti, will be the first one here to welcome you to the WolfCraft family as they all welcomed me~♡


Well... its time for a great story... the story of me on wolfcraft s7 and how i reached being the king of sparta... day 1 i started swimming to find a perfect spot to start my adventure. Someone let me stay in his house... i started mining on the nearby area.. i got full iron and then logged off.. when i came back on i died for some reason. After that i tried to find a place to start building my base... i found an unclaimed village where there was a big house on the middle of the village. I left a chest there with my stuff. I started surrounding my village with cobble walls.... someone came on my village to make a breeder i told him that he can use my villagers... but he abandoned his plan and left the villagers free... they died :( ... but this was the start ... the new start... of a new village... i got his idea and started making my own breeder... then a guy... Mewtem... hoped on the server for first time and helped me to build the breeder... then i searched for a name for my village... and here we are SPARTA


Season 6 might’ve been the best season for me. I became friends with More_Pepper, and we now play together for 2-6 hours every night. There is almost never a night I’m not in a vc in this server. I might be carrying FuzzyCactus, Ghost, and More_Pepper in bedwars or chilling on Stardew Valley with More_Pepper. I became such good friends, even family, with everyone on the server. I’ll never forget the friends I made on this server for the rest of my life, and I’m looking forwards to what we can do in season 7.


So season 6 of wolfcraft....... Where do I even start? This season was quite possibly the best one iv personally had, iv met so many people and made so many friends and I can very easily call this community my second family. This year has been....... Well interesting to say the least and it's been amazing to just come play and talk with everyone and forget about the outside world and its problems. To be quite honast if it wasn't for wolfcraft I would have died of boredom very quickly :smile:. The best part of this season has got to be playing bedwars, wynncraft and tf2 with pepper, white, fuzzy, nador, cap and jack.


In review of this last season, season six... how can I describe it?

For starters, I met one of my closest friends on WolfCraft this season. She was called gracekj, and for some time she was the light of my life, she was my closest friend and we talked about anything; she helped me grow as a person. I enjoyed playing WolfCraft with her... She left, but we still talk from time to time.

In the way of projects, I remember building two houses: both on the same lake. The first house I built was a small wooden house, just a box, suspended above shallow water. The main room had a bunch of chests and to the left was the workstation room, to the right was a bedroom, and above was a furnace array. That house is gone now; I allowed Exel to blow it up LOL.

Anyway, after a long time away from WolfCraft, I came back and settled on the same lake I built my house. Called it Lake Nador. I did a fun project, which was damming up and draining the part of the lake I previously lived on. On the east side of the lake stood my new house, and it was beautiful. If you want to check it out on the S6 world download, the coords are (-2310, 270).

Near the end of the season, my favorite thing was the spawn. I had a newfound affinity for the spawn no one else shared, so I made a scavenger hunt that had people going all around spawn so people could appreciate it!! I also hosted a Christmas event. Staff is very happy to let people host their own events and I love that

I think the most alluring thing for me joining was a server economy. For a while, I ran a company, the Nador Delivery Company. I remember how much fun I had delivering parcels from base to base!

I don't recollect how, but at a certain point I knew I was at home in this community.

Joining WolfCraft is perhaps the best choice I have made in the way of Minecraft. It gave me new friends and community, gave me good times, and helped me when I needed it. I recommend anyone to join!


Every single server I have tried to join, be it an SMP, or a regular survival world which i find on discord, it never works out for me. The people lure me in and actually bully me when I join. You might not know this, but this server was my last try, I said to myself "If this server is toxic like the others, just leave it. Stop hurting yourself." So I applied for the server and I made it! It has been 5 days now, and all i have to say that this server is even better than the Dream SMP or HermitCraft! Everyone here is so kind and welcoming. Most importantly, the chat is not dead! If I am not playin, I just chill and talk with everyone. So all I wanted to say is, thank you WolfCraft, and I hope to have a great time in Season7!


Wow, can't believe it's been a year now. This server has been a huge part of my life and helped me go though the toughest periods of my life, these people have helped me immensely and I don't know where would I be if not for them. For the year I've been here I've seen some wonderful people come and go, from perspective of both of a normal player as well as from a high rank staff member and I had a whole bunch of experiences, good and bad, laugh-inducing and heart-breaking, awesome collaborations and minor annoyances, rises and falls. For all of those wonderful experiences I'd like to thank everyone who plays, have played or will play on this server and be a part of this community as well as our wonderful staff team, current as well as those who are no longer with us, for keeping this thing going, as well as emphasise the part of owner and initiator of this whole endeavour - Flashfrost - he made this whole thing happen as well as sustained this community and the server it's centred around despite the struggles it went through

I'm not very good at writing long essays as some of our members but I've done my best, thank you for all the good time I had in here, and hope it keeps going for years to come :hearts:


Ladies and Gentlemen i present you this story as a parting gift

This is the story of an old man - as told by scribble_goat

An old man lived in a village. He was one of the most unfortunate people in the world. The whole village was tired of him; he was always gloomy, he constantly complained and was always in a bad mood. The longer he lived, the more bile he was becoming and the more poisonous were his words. People avoided him, because his misfortune became contagious. It was even unnatural and insulting to be happy next to him He created the feeling of unhappiness in others But one day, when he turned eighty years old an incredible thing happened. Instantly everyone started hearing the rumour:"an old man is happy today,he doesnt complain about anything, smiles, and even his face freshened up". the whole village gathered together. The old man was asked:

Villager: "what happened to you?"

"nothing special. Eighty years I've been chasing happiness, and it was useless. And now i have decided to live without happiness and just enjoy life. That's why im happy now." - An old man


This server.. amazing helped me get tru many moments and stuff. its amazing how hearth warmed the community is. i love this server and i hope i can always be a part from this server.


Alright so it all started like 5 mins before everyone entered the end. Ghost wasn't able to come online and give me my gear, so i was like "whatever i'm grabbing the best possible gear from our chests and heading over". Unfortunately, all i found was some half-durability iron armour, golden boots, a sharpness IV golden sword and a shield. I rushed to the nether and in the attempt to find the way up to the hub i got hopelessly lost. I msged epic to tp me to him because i assumed he wasn't in the end yet, but when he teleported me i found myself on a small platform with creeper, aeris, karateking and epic. I asked them if i can join them in their hunt for the wings and they agreed to take me with them. After several attempts we finally managed to get our ship going and slowly but surely we started moving towards the end islands. The whole flight took us about 10-15 mins and it was scary but fun. Arriving in the end we bumped into some tall chorus flowers which broke our flying machine and forced us to jump off. We dug out a small room to hide from the endermen and get our stuff out of the enderchests. It was at this point that i joined their call btw. We were about to start looking for a city as we noticed that aeris was missing. Note: He had all of our ship parts. Luckily we were able to find him pretty quickly. We kept on moving for a little while until we reached another big void gap. We decided that it was a great idea to start our ship from here. We pillared to about y=114 (i used furnaces because why not), made a platform, and waited for aeris to reconstruct the flying machine. When everyone was aboard karateking updated the observer. This is when things went terribly wrong. Epic somehow managed to punch creeper out of his minecart and he fell into the void. Than i somehow fell out of the flying machine but managed to break my fall using a water bucket. The flying machine kept going and it seemed like i had to chance to catch up with it. The people left in the flying machine stopped it as soon as they reached another end island. At this point i was about 500 blocks away from it and all there was between me and our ship was void. I started bridging over but halfway in i ran out of blocks. Luckily aeris saw me and started bridging towards me (i'd like to mention that before they attemptend to save me they tried to shoot me with a bow as a joke). We climbed up to the flying machine and started thinking about what to do and after a short discussion we decided to keep moving. Unfortunately creeper couldn't return because he was too far away from us and we had to continue without him. After about 15 mins we finally found an endcity! Our excitement was immeasurable.. Maybe we got a little too excited... Right before we stopped our ship epic fell out and died. It was only aeris, karateking and me left. We 3 rushed to the city, only to find that there wasnt a ship there. However we still killed all the shulkers in there and splitted our shulker shells. Now all that was left to do was wait for epic to come back. After about 20 mins epic actually managed to return and we we're able to resume our journey. We flew for maybe 30 mins without finding any end cities or anything. It got even worse when epic fell out a 2nd time because of a glitch. Everyone aboard got more and more tired. We decided to stop our ship, put all of our items into an enderchest and jump off into the void to get back to spawn... Even though we didn't find any elytra and our mission resulted in us dying in the void, we still had a ton of fun together and that's what matters 😄


To be honest, my experience on the server has been a very unique one in many ways. However, rather than jumping straight in , lets rewind the clock back to about 3 - 4 months. By this time, I had played on about 2 servers ever since I made a come back into the game. However the one thing both of these had in common where really large player group, the lack of a vanilla gameplay experience, and well pay to win elements. As a enthusiast of redstone, I wanted to learn how to build massive farms that could automate everything I could ever need on the server. It has always been my single goal in any survival world to build every single farm possible. However neither of these servers really allowed that as they either had restrictions on automated farms or changed the redstone behaviour all together to the point you could not even call it redstone. After months of playing with these limitations, I had begun to really not enjoy redstone as many of the amazing builds that where possible were simple thrown out of the window unless heavily modified (Which I didn't have the time nor the knowledge to do).

The one good thing that did come of these servers were the friends I made. Ghostfaceiscool, CoolRosalie are all people I played with back then and it is because of Ghost, I was able to find WolfCraft and at the end of my first day on the server, I knew I had found an amazing server. As a fan of the Hermitcraft Series, this server was something of a dream find - A pure vanilla experience, friendly folks, and most importantly, no redstone limitations. However, what followed would be considered a very stressful period for me.

On the pervious server, me Ghost, Rosalie and a couple others formed a group we called the Architects - a fun group that would focus on automation and just enjoying the game. Me and Ghost looked to continue this group on this server and with the start of the War event, our 2 person group became a 8 - 9 person group over night. At first I was happy with the idea of having a large group because I would get to know more people and work on larger builds. While our focus was mostly on the War event, we still tried to have a few builds happening here and there but the one thing that differentiated this group from the small group I had before was that I simply didn't know anyone. Ghost who at the time had been on the server longer than me and had made friends with most of the folks however I barely even got to know em. In fact, it wasn't till a day or two after that I knew we had 8 people in the group and not a couple days after day till I got to meet most of em in person. Furthermore, while I tried to get to know everyone, I never really connected. The fun enjoyable group had turned into a big group where I really ever got to know 2 people - Ghost and Whitelight. Even during projects, there would be so little communication that I wouldn't know what someone was up to and they what I was doing. It got to a point where I really began to feel alone. Around this time, was when I finally shared my feelings with Ghost and we collectively decided to break the Architects to a maximum of 4 people: Myself, Ghost, White, and Jack. While we made sure that we kept good ties with the other folks, we wanted the group to be smaller so we could get the feel of a collective group. This is where the Architects truly took shape forming the base for the inclusion of Rosalie a week later and More_Pepper in Season 6.

Fast forward a few weeks and we are pretty much into season 6. By this time, I am living my minecraft dream - I was playing on an amazing community centred server, I had made some amazing friends to play with, and I was doing redstone freely away from any limitations. Things really couldn't get any better you would think right? Well this is when I found out about the WolfCraft Website - notably that a rework was in progress. As a person who had learnt HTML, CSS and Bootstrap 4 (All Web Development Languages) I decided to lend a hand. Flash (The man behind WolfCraft and now a good friend) to my surprise game me the opportunity to help make the website. He and the staff put a lot of trust in me which I doubt I will ever be able to repay. Even on the server, the trust I put in my friends and the trust they put on me is one of if not the most valuable things to me.

So what was the point of everything I said above? Well for me at-least most important thing for me is that a server can be a place to just come on where you are forced to protect your builds from the fear of other or it can be a place where you come on, interact with a community that is always welcoming and friendly and walk away at the end of each day with memorable experiences and always something new to look forwards to the next day - and WolfCraft can most definitely be described as the latter one 🙂.


Hi my name is SpiniestSum154 or Mr.Monopolyman, I came to this server looking for a loving community and Minecraft lovers, this was a great community to me because everytime I log into Minecraft, on the server people would say “Welcome back!” Or “Hello” and that sparked me up everyday, this server gives me a great thing, which is letting the stress go away. The owner is amazing and all the staff are too! They get me through day which I can’t. Thanks to this server and it’s wonderful people.


I joined this server just over 5 months ago now, looking for a nice smp, hermitcraft-like experience. i first started playing minecraft on my ps3 in the early days (cant remember when idk) and i loved playing survival and exploring this never before seen atmosphere in the form of a game. about a year and a half ago my friend showed me a redstone video from mumbo and i liked mumbo's content, eventually after a about a month or so of watching mumbo all of mumbo's redstone videos, i found mumbo's hermitcraft series, and after that i have been wanting to play on an smp server. i think i tried out 4 or 5 different servers before finding wolfcraft. After i joined this server it was pretty close to the end of the server so i didnt play much (in season 4) when i got a notification about a new season. i got excited and start playing again. in that season i met so many more friends, like phoenix, swastik, benjy and more. great community, great people. :slight_smile: overall this server has been a stunning experience for me, and i hope to do the best for it as a watchwolf.


I’ve joined this server in around the middle of season 4, many of you will think like how but I was called Sacul16 then.

When I logged on for the first time I saw great builds and shops and thought: This community will be great. And as expected it was and still is.

Before I even left the sd to go start Epic flew by and gave me a shulker with great loot just for free. I also knew that we had player TPing enabled. It is good to have it removed now to behonest:joy:


Hi, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m a casual minecraft player that like redstones and farms. I’ve only been to the server for a week, but I really like it! Most staff members are nice and reasonable, and rules are obeyed by everyone. Players are nice and happy to help. Occasionally noobs does get in, but that’s very rare, people have a somewhat average to high skill level, and everyone is very creative.

Since I joined, most players were friendly and included me really fast, they offered help, but I did most stuff myself. For a new player, grinding for gear is rather straight forward. Mine for diamonds, buy fortune, mine more diamonds, call someone boss, make farms.

I have big plans on the server, I plan to make a item soarter that can soart everything in minecraft, (which is easier said then done btw), something I never done before.

I would say this is the best vanilla survival server I’ve seen, to those who are new, welcome to WolfCraft!

Monsieur Mutsoni

This server helped significantly to pull me out of my depression when quarantine kicked off. Just before joining I had been diagnosed with depression after a mysterious disease had left me exhausted for months on end. It helped me connect with people who I consider great friends to this day and people who helped me get through my issues in a healthy and safe way.


I cant write big paragraphs but i love this community, its my favorite community, and i love this so much i am actually scared if I accidentally leave the server. Which is the reason i dont leave the discord even if i am not playing, because the community i know is more than only mc, its on discord too, and i can interact with in game peeps too! I hope we can always stay together.