Learn about the rules and regulations we have in place to ensure a safe and friendly environment is maintained within our community.

Staff Members reserve the right to remove individuals from the active community if they are found in violation of one or more of these rules and/or are harmful to the welfare of this community. The exploitation of loop-holes or other means to violate the spirit and purpose of our community will be met with strict enforcement.


1. Be Considerate of your Language

This is a PG-13 community you must treat all members with respect and express yourself in a thoughtful manner that does not involve excessive cussing, racism/slander, or graphic content.

2. No harassment, abuse, or bullying

We have zero-tolerance for hate speech directed towards others.

3. No Advertisements of other Communities/Servers

This includes directly or indirectly sourcing other communities.

4. Be Mature and Mindful of your actions

Avoid excessive messaging, image posting, formatting, emojis, commands, and/or @mentions spams. Any showcase of such or similar immature behaviour will not be tolerated.

5. Discussion of Controversial topics are prohibited

These include political arguments, religious arguments, etc. among others. Feel free to ask us in #┊server-help on Discord if you are unsure if a certain topic can be discussed on the server.

6. Do not @mention any member of Staff

Staff members often have other duties beyond the boundaries of the server. @mentions should be reserved for emergency scenarios only. If you must contact a staff member do so through a direct-message and they will get back to you at an appropriate time.

7. VC Channels are to be used on a First come basis

If someone is already in a VC channel, they have the right of privacy in that channel unless they are alright with you joining. Additionally if someone(s) is listening to music in a VC, changing the song intentionally is not permitted. The sudden change of song can startle people disrupting their tasks and even causing health concerns.


8. Maintain ~200 Blocks of Space Between Bases

Players must keep a minimum distance of ~200 Blocks from any pre-existing bases before building bases or structures of their own unless they have consent from the owner of said base. This is to ensure that owners of both bases have space to expand and and not be ristricted/conflicted in their build styles and preferences.


9. Griefing and Stealing of Items is not permitted

This includes destroying chests, buildings or bases not of your own making and taking/borrowing items without consent.

10. Use of Hacked Clients or Tools is Prohibited

This includes the use of Hacked - Clients or other resources to alter the Vanilla game-play experience. The use of Optifine is permitted.

11. Non-Consentual Killing is not allowed

We have zero-tolerance for purposefully killing someone without their consent as it can result in the loss of the valuable items and levels.

12. No Form of Duping othe than TNT is Permitted

We have zero-tolerance for the duping of any other resource.


Staff members reserve the right to stop or postpone the use of any farm or machine if it is impacting server performance and/or is obstructing the game-play of others.

If you find yourself stuck or needing help with making redstone farms and machines with the ristrictions below, feel free to ask for help in the #┊redstone-tom-foolery channel.

13. No Portal Based Farms Allowed

Entity's moving through different dimensions in the game use up a lot of server resources generating lag for players.

14. Limit Villager Pathfinding

Villagers are one of the leading sources of lag on an server. Therefore is required that players find ways to limit villager movement and pathfinding. While pathfinding is essential for some farms to function, projects such as Trading halls should be designed to minimise/elimiate villager pathfinding.

15. Iron Golem Farm Guidelines:

Iron Golem Farms on our server are limited to one hostile entity and maximum of twelve villagers.

A commonly used design can be found here.