Understand the server rules will help you avoid the ban hammer and allow you to form a healthy relationship with our fellow players and staff. Make sure to famililiarise yourself with these before entering the server.


These rules are just guidelines to handle a majority of situations. Staff reserve the right to punish any member regardless of whether or not the rule is specifically covered for any reason. Common sense should be used where possible as to what's right and wrong if a certain situation is not covered. If you are unsure whether something is considered rule-breaking, ask a staff member before doing so. It is a players responsibility to know the rules or ask whether something is rule-breaking beforehand, we will not accept any excuses in punishment appeals.

Most content on the server must be kept PG-13. We like to advertise this server as a 16+, mature, safe place for anyone and everyone.

Section Description
1(a) No excessive cussing
1(b) No racism/slander.
1(c) No sexual innuendos, graphic content, or text.
Building efficient and functional farms is an important part of playing minecraft. However, some sacrifices must be made to provide the playing performace possible for everyone on the server.

Section Description
2(a) No portal-based farms.
2(b) No excessive useage of hoppers. (Water streams should be used where possible)
Iron Golem Farms:
Arguably one of the most important farms to build in minecraft, Iron Golem Farms are not only an incredible source of iron but also a major source of server lag. While we allow the construction of these farms, the following guidelines must be followed:

2(c) Maximum of 1 hostile entity to scare villagers per farm.
2(d) No use of the bobbing-water technique for iron golem farms.
2(e) Maximum of one iron golem farm per building group.

The largest iron farm that is permitted on the server can be see here: We encourage people/building groups that do not require the rates offered by this farm to build smaller farms. If you have a question regarding a design you would like to build, contact one of our staff members.
TNT Duping:
The duping of TNT within the limits described below is permitted on the server.

Section Description
3(a) Mass/Excessive TNT Duping that hinders the gameplay of other players and performance of the server is not permitted.


No other form of duping other than TNT Duping is permitted or allowed. Any violation of this will result in a permanent ban on first occurrence.

The bane of tps. Villagers are the largest sources of lag in minecraft since the 1.14 update. As of right now, there are no maximums for villagers, but as always, be considerate of others that are on the server.

Section Description

Villager Breeder Guidelines:

4(a) Breeders must have a way of being dissabled when not in use for extended periods of time.
4(b) Limit the pathfinding of villagers within the breeder.
4(c) Ensure villagers have limited movements within the breeder.

Villager Trading halls:
Villager trading is a valuable part of minecraft as it can provide players with lots of valuable resources in a relatively short space of time. However, the following guidlines must be followed to ensure they have the smallest possible impact on server performace:

4(d) Limit the pathfinding of villagers within trading halls. If you are unsure of what this means, take a look at this video (Note that this farm still works in Minecraft 1.16):
Wolfcraft has always had a rich history of incredible, creative builds. While we will always encourge players to continue building amazing bases, we encourage independant players and building groups to follow these guidlines to ensure they and their neighbours have the room to expand without conflicting with each other (Note: We encourage players to talk to their neighbours for more detailed information regarding claimed land and possible future expansions they may have in mind. Feel free to contact a staff memeber if you have further questions):

Section Description
5(a) Independant building group/player bases must be separated by at least 200 blocks.
5(b) Do not build on spawn island. Your build will be removed if you build here and all progress will be lost and will not be refunded.
Auto clicking is allowed. Using something to hold down your mouse or key is allowed. (If you are unsure about any tools you want to potentially use on the server, make sure to ask our staff.)


The USE OF HACKED CLIENTS to alter the VANILLA GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCE will result in an instant and permanent ban on the first instance (This includes but is not limited to xray, speed, kill-aura, etc).

Section Description
7(a) Raiding of both active and inactive bases is prohibited.
7(b) You may not grief any other player's property.
7(c) "Borrowing" without asking is theft, and will be result in a ban.


Any form of theft, griefing, or hacking will result in an instant and permanent ban from the community.

Advertising your personal stream, youtube channel, twitch, etc is allowed and welcome! We love to support members in our community!


Advertising of other servers/communities is not permitted. Violation of this will result in an instant and permanent ban on first occurance.


Unsure about something that was/wasn't discussed above? Make sure to contact one of our staff members on our discord server once you join our community.