Every great server needs an even better staff to guide and protect it. We have just that. Meet The Wolfcraft's staff team.


The administrators and caretakes of the server and staff.

aka - Flash

From: Oklahoma, United States

Meet Flash! He is the person behind the scenes keeping everything running.

When he isnt saving the server from meltdown, You will find him working on amazing builds along side members of the server. When he isn't in the server leading by example, you will find him playing league of legends with Bekah.

aka - The Queen of Wolfcraft

From: Oklahoma, United States

Meet BubblyBekah! More commonly known as the one true queen of Wolfcraft, her actions against those who wish harm and her will to protect the members of this server speak for themselves.

Beware Griefers and thieves as in the words of the Queen herself, "Off with their heads!".


Considered above WolfWatchers, however do not have as many permissions and aren't required to do as much of the administration work, however they have the perms to do so (core protect for example). Their main job is to develop the server through events, mini-games, new ideas, new community group builds/projects, etc. These are the creative, "go-getters" on all fronts to make WolfCraft a more fun, enjoyable experience.

aka - Aeris

From: United States

Meet Aeris! Unpredictable is a word that comes close to describing this man. Never will you find him doing the samething twice. Aeris loves to experiment with every aspect of minecraft.

Aeris loves to collect all kinds of fish for his aquatic collection on the server and he is the only staff member to have owned a pet snail.

aka - Squidy

From: United Kingdom

Meet Squidy! As guy who has Surface level knowledge of just about anything, you will always find him working on long-winded projects.

He also enjoys being a top-tier GK when he is not busy on other projects.


The police on the server. They deal with item duplication cases/item loss cases/griefing/hacking/stealing etc. When you lose your items due to a glitch or something, contact a WW, not a dev or owner or admin. They have all permissions in-game (more than dev/owner) as they are the final authority for ban/punishment appeals as well as whether or not players have broken the rules.

aka - Matt

From: Poland

Meet Matt! As part of WolfCraft's FBI (As he likes to call it), he is responsible for punishing any criminals that dare come close to the server.

When he isnt doing detective work, you will find him developing one of his ever expanding bases or playing Cities Skylines.

aka - Fish

From: Western Australia

Meet Fish! He loves to socialise and create bonds with all the people of Wolfcraft. He also finds joy in helping out other people and being a part of large community builds.

Away from the server you will find him playing the guitar and listening to music such as metallica and pantera.

aka - Gnorts

From: Northeast, United States

Meet Gnorts! He is a man with 7 tattoos, a sleeve and a half, and a unmatched talent for building massive sorting systems. As a self-proclaimed master of Sorters, he is always one step ahead of his opposition in keeping his base clean.

When he isn't busy depositing 1000 of items into lines of shulkers and chests, you can find him working on a variety of redstone contraptions as well.

aka - Benjy

From: Planet Earth

Meet Benjy! He loves to build beautiful builds and farms throughout the server and takes pride in helping and protecting the others members of the server from harm.

Benjy is also our friendly neighbour hood musician having earned a level 8 in piano.


Staff with power, but not too much. they can rollback damage, can do vanish to watch new players, can do spectator, cannot do creative mode cannot edit permissions etc. Can do everything mod can but also what i said above. cannot do worldedit/worldborder/worldguard and most other plugins. Admins can ban, ip-ban, mute, tempban, tempmute, etc.

aka - Borkz

From: Indiana, United States

Meet Borkz! He is a man skilled at building stunning bases and farms without any help while always being open to helping those around him.

When he isnt on the server, you will usually find him with his local robotics team making some crafty machines!

aka - Ghost

From: United kingdom

Meet Ghost! A person who loves to spend time and help other players on the server. He also loves to build farms and often does the jobs no one else is willing to do.

He also does love a good movie.

aka - Cap

From: Mumbai, India

Meet Cap! He loves to build mordern "box" houses while doing his level best to build every concevable farm known in the background.

When he isnt on the server, you will find him programing.

Responsible for creating the WolfCraft Website.


Kind of like a trial-run for being legit staff. Have access to coreprotect inspect, can tp to players who need help, and....that's about it. Essentially a "helper" on the server more than anything. They can kick players and mute players, but cannot ban. they can also whitelist players. They are to be the main ones checking shops for theft - which is why they can do /spawn so as to quickly get there to check on things, but they can't rollback grief/theft and cannot go in spectator/creative etc.

aka - Phoenix

From: Delhi, India

Meet Phoenix! Chiller than a Iceberg, Phoenix loves to help and interact with the people of Wolfcraft - new and old - while making sure to fulfill his weekly derp quota.

When he isnt on the sever, you will find him fulfilling his artistic dream through sketching even if he never reaches the finish line.

aka - Flare

From: Wisconsin, United States

Meet Flare! As an all round player at both Minecraft and League of Legends, you will never find him out of things to do.

On the occasions he is away from his computer, you will find him climbing the nearest mountain or playing volleyball.

aka - Ace

From: Indiana, United states

Meet Ace! As a admirer of Kingdoms, you will always find him admiring and caring for one on the server often with some cool rhythms to go along with it.

Ace also specialises in the sport of Swimming where many members of our Wolfcraft community participate alongside him.

aka - Hunter

From: Netherlands

Meet Hunter! A man with a skillset for building and making fun and enjoyable mini games for everyone to enjoy.

When he isnt planning his next creation, you will always find him watching a movie/series.


aka - Günther

Meet Günther! The worlds friendliest turtle, Günther loves his popcorn and is always ready and give advise even when your burnt out.

In his words, "I am not a bot..I'm a living, breathing, jazz-lovin reptile!"